Planned Features

  1. A macro language with command recorder and built in editor.
  2. Mac and PC Icons for ImageJ. [in v1.22]
  3. Ellipse fitting and recording of major/minor axis length and inclination of the major axis.
  4. A dialog for setting slice spacing in volumes and frame interval in movies.
  5. Cut/Copy/Paste of non-rectangular selections. [in v1.24]
  6. Right justified columns in the ImageJ window.
  7. A stack animation tool with start, stop and speed control buttons.
  8. An "Adjust/Color Balance" command that works with RGB images as well as 8-bit and 16-bit stacks with either two or three slices.
  9. Support for non-linear LUTs in Image/Adjust/Brightness/Contrast.
  10. Plugins that use the Java Media Framework to read and write AVI files. [The AVI Writer plugin saves in AVI format and the JMF Movie Reader opens some AVI and QuickTime movies.]
  11. Surface plot command similar to the one in NIH Image. [The 3D Surface Plotter plugin does wireframe plots]
  12. Fourier transforms with editing and frequency domain filtering. [The FFT plugin does forward and inverse transformations.]
  13. On-line help [Help/ImageJ Web Site in v1.24f].
  14. Scion LG-3 frame grabber acquisition plug-in [Scion now provides plugins ( that support all their frame grabbers.].
  15. User modifiable convolution kernels. [Process/Filters/Convolve in v1.21]

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