Keyboard Shortcuts

Command Shortcut Description
New N Creates a new image or stack
Open Samples Shift-B Opens "Blobs" example image
Close W Closes the active window
Save S Saves active image in Tiff format
Revert R Revert to saved version of image
Print P Print active image
Undo Z Reverses the effect of the last operation
Cut X Copy image to clipboard and clear selection
Copy C Copy image to clipboard
Paste V Paste clipboard selection into active image
Clear backspace Erases selection to background color
Select All A Select entire image
Select None Shift-A Delete selection
Restore Selection Shift-E Restores ROI
Fill F Fills selection in foreground color
Draw D Draw selection
Invert Shift-I Invert image or selection
Adjust Contrast Shift-C Adjust brightness and contrast
Adjust Threshold Shift-T Adjust threshold levels
Show Info I Displays information about active image
Next Slice > Advance to next stack slice
Previous Slice < Backup up to previous stack slice
Start Animation = Starts/stops stack animation
Duplicate Shift-D Duplicates active image or selection
Scale E Scale image or selection
Smooth Shift-S 3x3 unweighted smoothing
Find Edges Shift-F Performs Sobel edge detection
Repeat Command Shift-R Repeats previous command
Measure M Displays statistics about active image or selection
Histogram H Displays a histogram of the active window or selection
Plot Profile K Displays density profile plot of current selection
ImageJ enter Brings ImageJ window to front
Put Behind tab Switches to next image window

Alt Key Modifications
   Image/Adjust/Threshold: Adjusting Min also adjusts Max
   Image/Stacks/Add Slice: Insert before current slice
   Image/Stacks/Next Slice: Skip nine slices
   Image/Stacks/Previous Slice: Skip nine slices
   Image/Duplicate: Don't show dialog
   Image/Colors: Alt-click to "pick up" background color
   Process/Equalize: Do classic histogram equalization
   Process/Subtract Background: Show background image
   Analyze/Plot Profile: For rectangular selections, generate row average plots
   Analyze/Tools/Analyze Line Graph: Show intermediate image
   Plugins/Utilities/Monitor Memory: Simulate 640x480 frame grabber
   Any User Plugin: Load using new class loader

Space Bar Modifications
   Any Tool: Temporarily switch to the "hand" (scrolling) tool
   Moving through a stack: Automatically adjust min/max display values

Function Keys
Use the function keys to switch tools. F1 selects the rectangle tool, F2 selects the oval tool, etc.

Arrow Keys
Use the arrow keys to move selection outlines one pixel at a time. Resize rectangular and oval selections by holding down the the alt (option) and while using the arrow keys.

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